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KS2 attainment and progress

Our KS2 template will allow you to enter your data and produce attainment and progress reports. These reports will be in the same format as the ASP and IDSR reports and they use the same calculations and methodology.


KS4 attainment and progress

As with our KS2 template our KS4 template will allow you to enter your data and produce attainment, progress and IDSR reports. You can save as many versions of the templates as you wish meaning you can create multiple reports without having to send any data to us.


We offer a KS2 and KS4 microsoft excel template which you can populate with your data and create ASP and IDSR style reports. You can use these templates throughout the year and save as many versions as you wish. This allows you to create multiple reports which you can compare, for example working at grades/levels compared to target or predicted grades/levels.

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